2021 EMS Professional of the Year: Malea Butler

2021 EMS Professional of the Year

Malea Butler (Coryell Health EMS)

Malea is a consummate professional who demonstrates an incredible level of compassion on a regular basis.

While there are countless stories to share, a recent encounter that Malea had with a patient who was delivering a baby, even though the patient did not realize that she was pregnant.

Transporting and providing ongoing care in the ambulance to the surprised new mother and neonate to a tertiary facility with L&D and NICU services was Malea’s job that day.  She provided a seamless transition of care from the rural ER throughout transport, and through the turnover to the NICU and L&D team.

Malea’s work with the new mother did not end with that shift. After calming a very upset and financially insecure new mother, Malea determined that she would help this new mother beyond this shift. After finishing her shift, Malea went shopping and purchased all of the essentials needed to bring home a new baby and delivered them to the new mother. She also worked with the new mother to learn about the resources that were available to her to help raise the child.

Malea represents the incredible work that all Texas EMS professionals deliver to our communities. Texas EMS professionals like Malea recognize that our patients are our neighbors in our communities.