2021 President’s Award

2021 President’s Award

Lucille Maes (Angleton Area Emergency Corps)

Lucille didn’t start her professional career in health care. In fact, she had a successful career that included working at a nuclear power plant, not health care.

A friend of Lucille’s was training to become a paramedic and convinced Lucille to do the same. Lucille eventually started as a volunteer at Angleton Area EMS – everyone was a volunteer at the agency.

One day in the early 1990s, the assistant chief gave her the keys because she had EMS and management experience, and she was suddenly running the organization. At the time, the organization only made $68,000 a year in revenue, which consisted of donations, and it was time to hire its first full-time chief at $32,000. Lucille was the first paid employee.

“In order for us to survive, I told the board that we couldn’t live off of donations. Fundraisers in the past cost us more than what we actually made. It was time to do billing. People around us were billing, and the board agreed.”

It was then that Lucille transformed the agency. She had the skills necessary to build an organization that features 31 paid employees and still features over a dozen volunteer crew members.

As Tim Welch of Brazoria County ESD 3 said:

“Lu” has mentored many EMS leaders throughout her career and shown all of us what “right looks like.” She has set the bar very high for many of us and continues to dedicate her life to serving others. I often hear her say, “I don’t know much, but I know a lot of people.” But I beg to differ with her account; she does know more about EMS than almost anyone else.