2022 President’s Award: Doug Hooten

Brent Smith, the president of the Texas EMS Alliance, noted the following in his selection of Doug Hooten for TEMSA’s 2022 President’s Award:

“Back in the mid to late 1990s when I was first thrown into EMS management, I remember being at an American Ambulance Association meeting in Washington, and the topic of course was federal reimbursement and developing a Medicare Reimbursement Task Force.  The room featured many EMS leaders from around the nation, and as I was taking all the discussion and banter in and listening to the comments, I kept gravitating to comments by a stoic individual who would inject a comment and everyone would stop and listen.  I realized quickly that he had the respect of his peers and when he spoke, everyone wanted to hear what was said. He was a leader who seemed to offer solutions without the typical complaining about a problem. I didn’t realize who he was until later when I asked about him. It was Doug Hooten. Since that one meeting back in the 1990s, I have always respected him and looked up to him as a mentor and leader in EMS.”

Doug has played a critical role as a leader at many Texas EMS agencies. Today, he is almost 12 months into leading Harris County ESD 11.

Doug’s contribution to the future of EMS extends beyond his leadership at Texas EMS agencies. Without Doug’s hard work, TEMSA might not even exist. Doug was one of the founders of TEMSA, and he put much of the leg work into the organization to create the foundation for what we see today.