AIMHI Flash Poll: EMS Agencies Are Providing COVID Vaccines and mAb Infusions


The Academy of International Mobile Healthcare Integration (AIMHI) conducted a flash poll of approximately 100 EMS agencies from around the nation in late January, and the majority of the respondents indicated that they are administering COVID vaccines and mAb infusions in their communities.

Click here to view the results:
AIMHI Flash Poll 1-29-21

Matt Zavadsky of MedStar Mobile Healthcare provided the following observations of the poll:

  • A majority of respondents indicated that they are not billing for the vaccines.  This could be due to several factors, such as EMS agencies finding other reimbursement avenues or the agencies are not ambulance agencies that have NPIs to enroll as a Mass Immunizer provider under the CMS guidelines.  Further, if they are providing support to another provider (public health, etc.), they can’t bill.
  • Not as many agencies are participating in mAb infusions.  Agencies should investigate and collaborate with local stakeholders to see if this could be a logical enhancement to the mitigation of Covid-19 symptomatic patients at risk for hospital admission.