EMS for Children Crew of the Year Nominations

EMS for Children Day May 18, 2016:

EMS for Children Crew of the Year Nominations Underway

In honor of EMS for Children Day 2016, the Texas EMS for Children State Partnership is now accepting nominations for the seventh annual EMS for Children Crew of the Year Award. This award is granted to anEMS crew or station who has displayed outstanding care for a child in an emergency medical or trauma event, demonstrated exceptional effort in the development of pediatric training or quality improvement programs, or was instrumental in planning and conducting creative injury prevention programs.

Recipients will receive, individual certificates of appreciation, and a plaque for their station or crew quarters recognizing them as champions in the emergency care for children in Texas.

To submit a nomination for the EMSC Crew of the Year, please send the following information to EMSC Program Manager Sam Vance by March 31, 2016.

(1)   Names and titles of crew members

(2)   Agency or organization with contact information

(3)   A brief (500 words or less) description of the event or program and why you feel this crew deserves special honor and recognition

(4)   Your contact information (will not be disclosed without your permission)


Sam Vance, BA, NRP

Program Manager

EMS for Children State Partnership, Texas

1102 Bates Ave., Ste. 1850

Houston, TX 77030

P: 832-824-EMSC (3672)

F: 832-825-1182

email: Samuel.Vance@bcm.edu