EMS & Dialysis: Winter Emergencies

Legislation passed in the 2021 Texas Legislature (and subsequent clean up legislation in 2023) changed the law related EMS transports and dialysis centers during declared emergencies.

The following information is from the state of Texas before the upcoming winter storm in Texas:

Texas ESRD Emergency Coalition toll-free number 1-866-407-3773 – this number will be manned 24/7 through Tuesday

ESRD Public Emergency Portal – the portal contains dialysis organization contact numbers, shelter information, a 3-day emergency diet for renal patients, links to Healthcare Ready and KCER, plus more

CTRCT Duty Officer 512-926-6184 option 9 – for power outages

SETRAC Duty Officer 281-822-4444 option 2

Texas Department of State Health Services has requested notification of any dialysis facility closure. Notify via email at dshs@soc.texas.gov or dshsplanning@dshs.texas.gov