EMS Fatigue Education

Dear EMS Colleagues:

The purpose of this email is to ask for your help.

My team and I are looking for EMS clinicians who want to contribute to the development of fatigue education and training materials. These materials will be brief in length and divided into multiple topics related to fatigue and sleep health. The materials will be distributed in the form of web-based modules and include valuable educational content to help EMS clinicians mitigate fatigue and improve sleep health. We want these materials to be impactful. Therefore, we are on a mission to capture stories, thoughts, and opinions of individual EMS clinicians in the form of short videos. We will merge many of these videos into the educational materials.

All draft materials will be tested in a future study funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Please help us recruit EMS clinicians to help create these unique materials for sleep health and wellbeing.

See the attached 2-page flyer for more information about this request. (VideoRecordingPPTFlyer-June28th2018)




Daniel Patterson, PhD, NRP

Department of Emergency Medicine

University of Pittsburgh