EMS Transports for Covid-19 Testing


The Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee December 7, 2020, hearing on Covid-19 heard testimony from the Houston Fire Department that some patients called an ambulance to seek a transport for Covid-19 testing.

MedStar Mobile Healthcare in Fort Worth indicated that they will send a unit. However, if the patient demonstrating Covid-19 symptoms is stable and without priority symptoms, MedStar Mobile Healthcare will not transport. Instead, the EMS professionals leave instructions for accessing care and testing and instructions for isolating at home.

Click here to view MedStar Mobile Healthcare’s patient information brochure:
MedStar Handout-COVID-19 FINAL

Click here to view the agency’s medical directive form:
Medical Directive – 2003004 – COVID-19 Pandemic – Non-transport and Refe…

The following is a look at MedStar Mobile Healthcare’s statistics related to the Covid-19 transport test requests.