Exhibitor FAQs

Note: TEMSA will continue to update this exhibitor FAQ throughout May and June. Once TEMSA receives your payment, your company will be listed as a sponsor.

EMS EVOLUTION 2022 Overview & Details

Click here for view complete conference details, including the conference’s agenda.

The agenda includes numerous times that are dedicated to exhibitors, including stand-alone breakfasts and lunches in the exhibit hall and dedicated exhibitor time in the mornings and afternoons. In addition, sponsors are strongly encourage to participate in the networking events on Monday evening and Tuesday evening.

Set up and Take Down Times

TEMSA will clarify what time exhibitors can begin setting up once the event grows closer. However, exhibitors will be able to start setting up late in the afternoon on Sunday, August 7. Exhibitors may also set up before the conference begins on Monday, August 8.

Exhibitors to keep their displays up until the end of the conference at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, August 10. However, if you would like to remove your exhibit at the end of the day on Tuesday, August 9, you are welcome to do so. The morning of Wednesday, August 10 will include a breakfast in the exhibit hall.

Ambulance Displays: Gold Sponsors

Each gold sponsor may bring two ambulances. One ambulance may be parked along the curb, and the other ambulance must remain parked at all other times.

Each ambulance company will be afforded an equal opportunity to display, and we ask the companies to work with each other to rotate their ambulances.

Please note that ambulances must be parked in a parking space during the evening and may not be left unattended in the fire lanes.

Ambulance companies may park in the designated area on the evening of Sunday, August 7, and ambulances may be moved to the curb before the conference begins on Monday, August 8.

Exhibit Selection

The title and gold sponsors will have the first opportunity to select their exhibit space, which will be in early July. The silver sponsors will select once the earlier selections have been made.

Name Badges & Exhibit Table

The exhibit table will be a standard six-foot table with two chairs. Your back drop is required to fit within the space.

Silver sponsors will have two badges. Gold sponsors will have three badges. The title sponsor will have five badges.

Additional badges are $250 each. Contact Bobby@txemsa.com to purchase additional badges.

Your table will contain your name badges and a program syllabus.

Shipping, Electrical & Other Orders

The Horseshoe Bay Resort will handle shipping, electrical and accessories associated with your exhibit that are beyond the table and two chairs that TEMSA provides.

TEMSA will provide the details this summer.

Attendee Lists

Sponsors will be provided attendee lists at periodic intervals in the weeks leading up to the conference. TEMSA does not provide e-mail addresses. However, mailing addresses will be provided.

Exhibit Area

The exhibits will be held in both the foyer and Ballroom A-B-C-D. The food and drink and meals will be housed in Ballroom A-B-C-D. The general session room will be behind the exhibit space and be held in Ballroom E-F-G-H in 2022.