HB 1477: Restoring Local Project Grants

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HB 1477 by Rep. Four Price (R-Amarillo) would restore local project grants (LPGs). In addition, HB 1477 would allow rural EMS agencies to use LPGs for tuition assistance for rural paramedics.

In the early 2000s, the Texas Legislature created the Permanent Fund for Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care (fund 5046) with a $100 million corpus (principal), which was intended to provide perpetual funding for emergency medical services (EMS) agencies and regional advisory councils (RACs) from the interest earned on the account. While the corpus was never intended to be used, a 2011 amendment tapped the fund and shifted revenue to other priorities. The fraction of original funds left did not provide adequate dollars to keep up with state commitments. As a result, local project grants (LPGs) for EMS agencies were eliminated. LPGs were used by urban and rural Texas EMS providers to acquire equipment, fund training, and create injury prevention programs to increase continuity of care across the state.

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LPGs: Efforts in the 2019 Texas Legislature

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