Introduce EMS to Texas Lawmakers – Action Alert

TEMSA is asking Texas EMS agencies to contact their state representatives and senators to introduce them to EMS issues and the EMS agencies in their districts.  Once the committees begin meeting and considering legislation in February, we will ask EMS agencies to contact their lawmakers to make specific asks regarding legislation.

In the meantime, please take a few minutes out of your day over the next week to contact your state lawmakers via e-mail or telephone.  Click here to determine your state lawmakers.  Click here to access the e-mail addresses for the Texas Senate chiefs of staff.  Click here to view the e-mail addresses for the Texas House chiefs of staff.


  1. E-mailing the chief of staff is most effective.  But if you want to make a phone call, that is okay.
  2. Identify your EMS agency and tell them a little bit about the service that you provide to the community.
  3. Ask your lawmakers to work with the House and Senate appropriators to ensure that the budget includes funding for EMS local project grants (LPGs). Click here to read more about LPGs. Also, feel free to share this PDF with your lawmakers.
  4. Give them your contact information and the contact information for the Texas EMS Alliance’s lobbyist, Craig Holzhaeauser, if they have any questions.  Craig can be reached
Lawmakers and their staff have very limited time during the Legislature.  Personalized e-mails (not form letters) get their attention.  It is critical for EMS agencies to introduce the EMS industry to lawmakers during this early part of the Legislature.  We will dig into specific issues with lawmakers during February and March.

Thank you in advance for taking a few minutes out of your day to reach out to your state lawmakers.