List of “Ready Students” for Texas’ Waiver


The following message was shared with Texas EMS agencies on April 23:

As you are aware, the 157.11(h) waiver allows a local medical director for a licensed EMS Provider to permit individuals who are qualified, but not formally certified to work on ambulances.

Essentially, this would allow EMS program students to be eligible for employment should your medical director be willing to permit them. Some of the programs state that their students are eligible for the provisional NR certification, although it is not necessary in Texas, your medical director may prefer it.

EMS Education programs are needing to”graduate” students that are didactically qualified but were unable to complete clinical rotations/internship due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The link in this email includes a list of EMS Education programs that feel they have students that the program directors feel are qualified to be employed by an EMS agency, but are not eligible for certification due to the clinical/internship hours that are lacking. It also includes contact information for the program so the EMS agency can contact them directly. There aren’t many on the list now, but I hope to see it increase in the near future.