Medicaid represents one of the largest payers for most Texas EMS agencies.  The current Medicaid payment rates for ground ambulances, which are already well below Medicare payment rates (Texas Medicaid pays 67 percent of Medicare ground ambulance rates), do not even cover the cost to transport a Medicaid patient.

STAR Safety Net

TEMSA promoted two Medicaid-related bills in the 2019 Texas Legislature that affected EMS agencies. HB 2333, which is a bill that relates to Medicaid bridge funding, would create the STAR Safety Net. Click here to learn more. In addition, TEMSA is pushing HB 2409, which would extend the state’s Medicaid supplemental funding program.

2019 Budget Riders

Lawmakers passed several riders in the 2019 Texas Legislature’s budget that direct HHSC to examine new payment models for EMS. TEMSA members can learn more about these new payment models in TEMSA’s newsletters.

2017 Proposed Medicaid Cuts

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) proposed new Medicaid rates in the summer of 2017 that would have resulted in significant cuts for ALS and BLS service in Texas.  Through TEMSA’s work, multiple segments of the health care industry and 75 state lawmakers worked together to stop the cuts.

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