Proposed Medicaid Cuts

UPDATE – HHSC sent the following message regarding the proposed ground ambulance cuts to Medicaid managed care organizations on September 5, 2017:

“HHSC is pending the reimbursement rate changes for Dental and Ambulance services proposed at the August 8, 2017, public rate hearing.  The proposed reimbursement rate changes will not implement October 1, 2017, but HHSC will continue to seek input from Medicaid providers concerning reimbursement rate adjustments for these services.  No specific time frame or effective date for the future adjustments has been established.”


The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) proposed new Medicaid rates that could result in significant cuts for ALS and BLS service in Texas.  The rates, which would go into effect on October 1, 2017, are part of HHSC’s biennial review. HHSC held August 8, 2017 public hearing on the issue.

TEMSA encouraged Texas EMS agencies to do three things:

Attend the hearing on August 8 and provide testimony.

Write a letter to HHSC describing how the cuts will harm your EMS agency and the community. Click here for details.

Numerous state lawmakers responded to TEMSA’s request.

Click here to view the proposed rates:

CFR Att 9 – Ambulance

Click here to view TEMSA’s one-pager on the subject:

One Pager – EMS Medicaid Proposal 08.08.17

Stakeholder Letter

A number of organizations representing hospitals, local communities, and other entities have joined TEMSA to express concern regarding the proposed cuts.  The Texas Association of Counties, Texas Hospital Association, Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals, Texas State Association of Firefighters and Texas Ambulance Association submitted a stakeholder letter to HHSC.

Click here to view the letter.




Media Information

Click here to view TEMSA’s media release: Media Release – 08.14.17 – Texas EMS Medicaid Proposal

Click here to read the FAQs: FAQs – 08.14.17 – Texas EMS Medicaid Proposal

Click here to view media coverage on TEMSA’s Facebook page.

State House & Senate Letters

Fifty-two state representatives added their name to a letter to HHSC regarding the proposed cuts. Click here to view the letter and the list of state representatives who signed the letter.

Twenty-two state senators added their name to a similar letter. Click here to view the letter and the list of senators who responded.

Click here to view HHSC’s response to the Senate letter: HHSC Response to Senate Letter – August 2017