Rural EMS in Texas

For many rural communities in Texas, the EMS agency might be the only health care provider in the community. Few states have experienced as many rural hospital closures as Texas, and once a rural hospital closes, the local EMS agency might be the only remaining health care provider.

Rural EMS agencies face the same challenges as hospitals and physicians in rural communities: staffing shortages, declining insurance reimbursements and much more. Despite these challenges, many rural EMS agencies have stepped up to offer incredible care to their communities.

Marfa NPR

“What Happens If Nobody Is Available to Answer the Phone?”

“Earlier this month, the ambulance company for northern Brewster County shut down after the death of its longtime owner Mike Scudder.

“Now, officials are working to answer an urgent question for the area: who will answer the phone when someone calls 911?”

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Texas Monthly

“It’s Hard Out Here for an Oil Field Medic”

“Anthony explained that EMTs and medics work such ungodly hours in part because the pay for EMS workers is shockingly low and they need the overtime. With the mean annual wage for Texas EMS workers clocking in at about $37,550, many work two or even three jobs to eke out a living.”

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