SB 999 & EMS

Texas EMS Agencies Put Patients First

TDI’s Proven Arbitration Will Take Patients out of the Middle

Arbitration Should Include EMS

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Why Arbitration Is Important

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EMS: A Vital Part of Every Texas Community

The Cost to Operate an Ambulance: “The Cost of Readiness”

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EMS Agencies Rely on Different Models to Deliver Care

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Delivering Covid-19 Vaccines to Texas Communities​

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FAQs About Arbitration

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EMS Agencies Play a Vital Role in Texas Communities

EMS providers are the only segment of the health care industry designed to respond to the location of a patient suffering from a traumatic injury or an acute onset of illness. In an increasing number of rural communities, the local EMS agency is the only health care provider in the community. Simply put, EMS is a critical public health safety net upon which many Texans rely.

Commercial Plans Rarely Include EMS Agencies in Networks

While EMS is possibly the most essential service in health care, commercial health plans choose to disregard the local community their members live in regarding the delivery of these essential services by failing to provide adequate compensation. In many cases, the health plans do not even attempt to engage or include EMS in a network arrangement that is fair.

EMS Agencies Only Feature Two Sources of Funding

EMS agencies rely on two sources for funding the essential services in Texas communities: revenue generated by patient services and taxpayer support. When EMS agencies are not adequately compensated for their services, either local taxpayers must make up the difference or the agency must reduce services to balance budgets.

EMS Agencies Want to Help Solve the Out-of-Network Issue

Providing the best care to patients represents an EMS agency’s top and only concern. TEMSA strongly encourages the Legislature to remove patients from disputes and to allow EMS agencies to access arbitration. Specifically, SB 999 should direct the arbitrator to include rates established by local governmental bodies.