Sponsor Logistics – EVOLUTION 2021

Schedule and Other Conference Details

The schedule and all conference details can always be found on TEMSA’s website and on TEMSA’s conference page, which can be found on the home page.

EMS EVOLUTION 2021 Exhibit Hall

All exhibits will be housed in Ballroom E-H, which is directly next to the general session room (Ballroom A-D).

In addition to the specific exhibitor breaks, all food and drinks (including water and coffee) will always be housed in the exhibit hall. Therefore, attendees will be flowing through the exhibit hall at all times.

Ambulance Display

Each gold sponsor may have two ambulances. The hotel will begin blocking off the parking lot at 3 p.m. on Sunday, August 8 to park your two ambulances in the parking spots. Each morning, you may move one ambulance along the curb, and TEMSA encourages the ambulance sponsors to work together to rotate the position each morning. Due to fire regulations, you must be able to move your ambulance away from the curb in case of an emergency.

Security – Store Your Valuable Items

Many of the exhibits will be in an open space, and there will be no way to lock the doors. While the resort does have a security guard, there is no way to prevent hotel guests from going through the exhibit area at night. Therefore, please ensure that you store your valuable items when you are not at your exhibit.

Electrical and Shipping

Each exhibitor will be provided a six-foot table and two chairs. Additional equipment or electrical must be ordered through the hotel. The order form for electrical and additional can be found at the bottom. Please submit it to the hotel. (TEMSA will not handle this.)

If you are shipping boxes, please be sure to fill out the order form below and submit it to the hotel. TEMSA will not be responsible for any shipping.

The shipping address:

Horseshoe Bay Resort
Attn: Texas EMS Alliance Conference
Name of Vendor
200 Hi Circle North
Horseshoe Bay, TX 78657

Attendee Lists

TEMSA will provide attendee lists on a regular basis to exhibitors. Per TEMSA policy, we do not share e-mail addresses.

Set up and Take Down

Set up will be available at 3 p.m. on Sunday, August 8. Take down will be required to be completed by noon on Wednesday, August 11. You are welcome to set up and take down at any time that you wish.

Beginning at 3 p.m. on Sunday, your attendees name badges, program syllabus and other items will be found on your exhibit table. The items will not be available before then.

Extra Badges

Gold and silver sponsors will be provided two complimentary badges each. Additional badges are available at $250 each.

Many of TEMSA’s exhibitors pay for the extra $250 badges each year. As a result, TEMSA will not give away complimentary badges beyond the two that are allotted to your exhibit.


Contact TEMSA’s Bobby Hillert at Bobby@txemsa.com or 214.728.7672 with questions.

Exhibit Hall (Ballroom E-H)