Sponsor Q&A 2024

Set up

Beginning at 4 p.m. Sunday, September 15

Take Down

The official take down is following the reception on Tuesday, September 17. (Approximately 6 p.m.)

If you would like to keep your exhibit up through the end of the conference on Wednesday morning, you are welcome to do so.

Click here to view the agenda for each day. Both Monday and Tuesday feature dedicated breaks with exhibitors.

The exhibits will be placed in the pre-function foyer. As a result, attendees will move through the exhibits throughout the day.

Your exhibit table will contain your name badges and a copy of the program syllabus at 4 p.m. on Sunday, September 15.

Each exhibit will have a standard table (6′ x 30″) with two tables. Your exhibit backdrop must fit within the space and not extend into your neighbor’s space.

The hotel handles all shipping; TEMSA is not responsible for shipping.

Stay tuned for shipping details from the Texas A&M Hotel & Conference Center.

Electrical and other orders may be made through the hotel; TEMSA is not handling those items.

Stay tuned for order details from the Texas A&M Hotel & Conference Center.

TEMSA will select the exhibits based on several factors:

  1. The title and gold sponsors will have the ability to select their own spaces.
  2. TEMSA will assign the silver sponsors based on several factors: when payment was received and the history of sponsoring TEMSA conferences.

TEMSA’s top priority is to ensure that competitors are not placed near each other.

TEMSA will reveal exhibit assignments in early September.

Sponsors are invited to all receptions and networking events.

TEMSA Will share attendee lists with sponsors beginning in August. TEMSA’s policy is to never share e-mail addresses.

Ambulances will be displayed in two different locations:

  1. The bus lane immediately outside the hotel.
  2. The Plaza at the northwest corner of Kyle Field (across the street from the hotel).

Ambulances may be parked beginning on Sunday afternoon (September 15) and displayed throughout the conference.

Visit TEMSA’s website for the latest details about the conference.