STRAC Survey – Potential Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution


EMS agencies in the STRAC region are encouraged to fill out the survey related to potential Covid-19 vaccine distribution.

The following message is from Bexar County.

Dear Prospective Participant,

We write to you today on behalf of the community of Bexar County, asking for your help in completing a survey that will give our San Antonio Metropolitan Health District (Metro Health) the critical information they need to plan a COVID‐19 vaccination strategy. In collaboration with the COVID‐19 Community Response Coalition (CRC), UT Health San Antonio and Metro Health, we ask you to fill out this ten‐minute survey (see link), which will assess provider capacity/willingness to administer the COVID‐19 vaccine to patients, once the vaccine becomes available under emergency use authorization. The results will help Metro Health form policies for implementation and administration of COVID vaccines.

This survey tool has been reviewed and approved by the institutional IRB of the UT Health Science Center, San Antonio. Your participation in this survey as a healthcare professional working in any healthcare setting, and actively dealing with the current COVID‐19 pandemic, is completely voluntary. You may receive multiple survey links because we are unable to share our provider distribution lists between entities. We only need one response per provider.

The survey results will help us understand your concerns, your perspective, your understanding of the vaccine development process and its implementation to mitigate this healthcare crisis. This survey will also help the medical community and administrative personnel to form policies for implementation and administration of vaccination, once available. Although you may not get personal benefit from taking part in this survey, your responses will help the medical community and administrative authorities to address concerns about the upcoming COVID‐19 vaccination and prepare for its implementation.

To take the survey, please click on the following link:

If you have questions about this effort, please email the PI for this study, Dr. Ruth Berggren, MD MACP, Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases, UT Health San Antonio at, or the Co‐PI, Dr. Jason Rosenfeld, MPH, DrPH, at