TEMSA Grassroots: HB 1477

Rep. Four Price (R-Amarillo) introduced HB 1477, which would restore the funding framework for local project grants (LPGs) and create the Emergency Medical Services Scholarship Program for rural EMS agencies. Click here to learn more.

Contact Your State Lawmakers
Texas EMS agencies are strongly encouraged to contact their state representatives and senators to ask them to ask them to support the EMS agencies in their communities by co-sponsoring HB 1477.

Click here to determine your state lawmakers. You can type your address into the following form found on the page (“Who Represents Me?”), and the form will take you directly to your lawmakers:

Both e-mails and phone calls to the Austin office of your state representative and senator are effective. Your lawmakers’ websites will have e-mail forms.

The Ask
The ask is simple: Ask your state lawmakers to co-sponsor HB 1477.

Also, tell your lawmakers about the EMS services that you provide to your community and the importance of LPGs.

Click here to learn more about the history of LPGs in Texas. The document also provides helpful examples of how LPGs were used in the past.