TEMSA Urges Calls to Congress on Medicare’s Add-on Payments

November 29, 2017

Re: Call Your Member of Congress on Medicare Add-on Payments

Dear TEMSA Member:

Congress must address several important items before the year ends, and the expiration of Medicare add-on payments for ambulances at the end of this month is one of those key items.

E-mail and call your Member of Congress today to ask them to add ambulance add-on payments to an end-of-year spending package that is being considered by Congress.

By e-mail: Click here to determine your Member of Congress and send an e-mail message through NAEMT’s action website.

By telephone:  Contact the Washington, DC staff and ask to leave a message for your Member of Congress. The aide answering the phone will take your message. You can find your Member of Congress’ telephone number by clicking here. Senator John Cornyn can be reached at 202.224.2934.  Senator Ted Cruz can be reached at 202.224.5922.

Talking Points 
If you need talking points, consider the following messages:

  • Congress has recognized the importance of these add-on payments by continuing to extend them over the years. The current 33-month extension ends at the end of December 2017.
  • The House (H.R. 3279) and Senate (S. 967) bills would extend 2 percent urban, 3 percent rural, and super rural bonus payments for five years. We encourage Congress to utilize the numbers in these bills for Medicare ambulance add-on payments in a year-end spending package.
  • Ambulances are the first line of health care that many Texans receive, and these add-on payments are very important. In communities that have witnessed hospital closures, ambulances may be the only source of health care in that community.
  • Tell a quick story about how your EMS agency affects the community. It may be the first time that your Member of Congress’ aide will learn about EMS.