Your Invite to Participate: TEMSA’s Committees

TEMSA has accomplished a number of achievements in its first five years of existence. The defeat of proposed Medicaid cuts, the preservation of the ability for EMS agencies to balance bill for out-of-network services, the creation of a rural assistance program for EMS agencies, and TEMSA’s annual conference – EMS EVOLUTION – are just a few of TEMSA’s accomplishments.

As TEMSA looks forward to the next five years, ensuring that EMS agencies have a strong stakeholder voice in the state’s legislative and regulatory arenas will remain TEMSA’s primary mission. (Watch for a number of announcements from TEMSA in the months leading up to the 2019 Texas Legislature.) However, TEMSA’s board of directors believe that the organization is ready to expand beyond its current advocacy and educational efforts to offer new services for TEMSA members: “TEMSA 2.0.”

Your New Opportunity to Participate
TEMSA’s board of directors held a two-day retreat last week in Fort Worth to outline TEMSA’s future activities, and it became clear that TEMSA members must play a central role in determining TEMSA’s future services. As a result, TEMSA’s board created committees that will give members a direct voice:

  • Advocacy – Chaired by Dudley Wait (City of Schertz), the committee is responsible for overseeing TEMSA’s public policy efforts.
  • Communications – Chaired by Butch Oberhoff (Acadian Ambulance), the committee is responsible for developing TEMSA’s messaging and communications.
  • Education – Chaired by Keir Vernon (Harris County Emergency Corps), the committee is responsible for developing TEMSA’s educational agenda, including TEMSA’s annual conference, webinars, and other activities.
  • Finance – Chaired by Jonathan Sell (Booker EMS), the committee is responsible for overseeing TEMSA’s finances.
  • Governance – Chaired by Ryan Matthews (Trans Star Ambulance), the committee is responsible for TEMSA’s governance, including bylaws, nominations, and other operational issues.
  • Membership – Co-chaired by Doug Hooten (Medstar Mobile Healthcare) and Brent Smith (Hopkins County EMS), the committee is responsible for identifying new services for TEMSA members.

We want you to join these committees. If you would like to join one, reply to this e-mail. TEMSA welcomes your work. Click here to learn more.

The following Q&A will answer some of your questions:

My schedule is very busy; I don’t think that I will have the time.
TEMSA recognizes that your schedule is busy. As a result, TEMSA’s staff members will perform much of the “grunt work” so that TEMSA can tap into your expertise. TEMSA wants you to “bring your ideas to the table.”

Much of the work will be performed over e-mail, and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time each month.

I don’t think that I have the expertise.
If a committee interests you, but you don’t think that you have enough expertise, we invite you to join the committee and observe its work. Over time, you will feel more comfortable with the committee and be ready to contribute.

When do the committees start?
TEMSA has a lot of ideas to evaluate and execute, so we would like to put the committees to work next week.

How do I get more involved with TEMSA? 
Joining a committee is a great start. In addition, the committees will provide a TEMSA leadership pipeline to identify future board members.